Jobs Group Risk and Internal Control Manager

Group Risk and Internal Control Manager

Ville : Paris


The Group Risk and Internal Control Manager aims at ensuring a continuous improvement of the Group risk management and internal control. He or she:

  •  helps define and animate the Group risk and internal control governance
  • elaborates the Group risk mapping
  • evaluates internal control practices within the Group and suggests and follows action plans in order to adapt and reinforce internal control level continuously
  • administrates and facilitates communication of the Group rules
    In addition to the above, he or she will supervise some internal audit assignments.

Scope: Worldwide
Nature of customers: All entities of the Group
People management: Internal controllers based in 2 hubs Roswell (USA) and Singapore
Travel: Up to 25%

Group risk and internal control governance (15%):

  • Review and update risk management and internal control framework regularly in order to ensure it complies with laws and regulations applicable to the group and covers the main group risks
  • Manage the Risk Committee and provide key indicators on fraud risk
  • Animate the community of Internal Control Champions (annual objectives, dashboards, regular meetings…)
  • Contribute to the regular updates provided by the Group Internal Audit & Control Director to the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee, the Group Executive Committee, the Group CEO and other main stakeholders regarding the Group risk management and internal control
  • Contribute to the update of the annual Registration Document for the sections dedicated to risk and internal control

Group risk mapping (10%):

  • Define the methodology
  • Conduct the assessment of the risks regarding their impact and their control level (via interviews, expert studies based on data collection & analysis, workshops…)
  • Summarize and present the Group risk map with related action plans
  • Monitor and/or follow-up the defined action plans in order to better cover the major risks
  • Participate to some Group projects implemented to limit those risks, when deemed necessary

Group policies & procedures (10%):

  • Assist process-owners in the development and update of Group policies & procedures (provide templates, provide advice on design of internal controls, draft flowcharts…)
  • Organize communication (emails, news, training…) of these rules
  • Administrate the tool dedicated to the Group rules publication (publish documents, maintain the application, develop new functionalities…)

Internal control self-assessment (15%):

  • Define the self-assessment approach
  • Define the yearly topic(s) to be assessed and develop the related questionnaires
  • Help the concerned entities in the self-assessment reporting process and the action plan development phase
  • Analyse and summarize collected data for further actions
  • Produce and present report for the entities and the Group
  • Follow-up on the implementation of the action plans

Internal control consulting services (20%):

  • Develop and supervise the execution of the annual Internal Control plan
  • Design and execute specific post-acquisition internal control integration projects for significant acquisitions (risk assessment, roadmap for integration…)
  • Act as a strong upstream support to Group-wide projects, whenever necessary
  • Manage internal control training (enrolment of trainees, identification and training of trainers, materials, business speakers, logistics, feedback…), both in-person and online sessions

Internal audit and special investigations (20%):

  • Supervise some internal audit assignments
  • Act as a regional referent for whistleblowing cases

People management (10%):

  • Organize regular meetings with the team of internal controllers
  • Assess performance of the internal controllers and accompany them in developing their skills
  • Assist them in developing business interactions and providing consulting services for their respective region
  • Ensure adequate renewal of internal control team
  • Ensure safety of internal controllers and support safety initiatives



  • Master degree in finance, audit or risk management
  • Certified Internal Auditor


  • Minimum of 10-year experience, both in:
  • a consulting firm (audit, risk management, internal control)
  • a company as an internal auditor, internal controller or risk manager

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of internal control, compliance, finance and business processes
  • Fluent in English with good writing abilities
  • A 3rd language appreciated


  • Adaptability
  • Rigor
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Ability to prioritise tasks
  • Practical mindset
  • Analytical and synthetic mindset
  • Autonomy
  • Team spirit


  • Ability as a project manager