Talent management

Both structured and nimble, both thorough and very attentive to others, we definitely bring added value. Our proven innovative methodology focuses on boldness, high standards and professionalism.

Here at Bold Executives, we reach beyond recruitment and offer 360 degree guidance, in close cooperation with our customers and our candidates. Right from the start of the mission, our qualified recruitment specialists and our experienced consultants put their business expertise to work for the benefit of your company, using a strong network of suitable candidates. We are aware that a successful mission rests on a clear understanding of your needs and your ecosystem. Our proven assessment technique will help you at the early stages and throughout the mission.

At Bold Executives, we believe that successful partnership relies on regular and efficient communication. Our advanced methodology includes a weekly reporting to our customers on the project advancement, in order to keep them informed with full transparency. We are concerned about protecting the privacy of your information and those of our applicants. Our digitized reports and compliant GDPR will save you a lot of time and help you progress with confidence.

Each candidate is unique and deserves special attention. Humanity being the cornerstone of our business, we carefully study each profile, and we carry out a detailed and documented analysis following our formal interviews. A comprehensive candidate report will be shared ahead of each meeting, and will be supplemented with an innovative personality profile. This will upgrade the evaluation items to ensure The good match.

At Bold Executives, we also make a point of ensuring excellence in assisting and integrating future talent. We are at your side and we offer you premium On boarding. Information sharing, 360° vision between co-worker, team and manager; those are all factors which will help us support you in the long term success of your project. And guarantee the growth of your staff.

Business cases

Into skill assessment, into managerial effectiveness measurement, into the appreciation of cultural adaptability or the evaluation of changeability. If you wish to facilitate intern mobility, or are planning strategic recruitment, or even if you wish to challenge your achievements and relocate in your ecosystem or in a new area, then Assessment will help you better understand choices. Those choices may sometimes be tricky and Assessment will serve as a precise and dynamic skill reference grid.

Using a proven and specific process. We combine, during half a day, efficient on-line tools, a series of role-plays, a detailed interview and a thorough reference check. As a result, Bold Executives’ assessment helps establish an achieved skills summary and it will also shed new light to help decision-making.

Favoured by HR managers willing to master their talent pool, assessment also helps front line employees have a clear frame of reference. Furthermore, it allows applicants to have access to a comprehensive and instant review of their skills. Assessment is Talent Management’s ultimate tool.

Business cases

Via HR Intelligence, Bold Executives are thinking bigger.
Whatever your challenges may be, whatever goals or ambitions you may have, our HR Intelligence solutions will assist you in gathering and organising key information for your HR or business strategy (organisation review, organisational chart, compensation survey, skills study, academic analysis, mobility policy, etc.). Each project has a solution.

Large Picture : You can have access any time to a clear picture of your ecosystem, to see your company against its market, and provide the best appreciation (HR, Organisation, mobility, development, compensation, etc.).

Change Model : If you are going through a lot of changes in your business model or your core business. If you are in the early stages of a reorganisation plan. If you wish to compare your target organisation with its market, so as to align with or beat the market. Or identify new growth drivers… Or improve your image as an employer… Or boost your team’s employability… If you would like to become more skilful, more efficient, more in tune with your market, or if you wish to introduce new offers. BE Agile

Talent Pool : If you wish to strengthen your position on one or several markets. If you are planning a major establishment. Bold Executives will create a comprehensive and dynamic talent incubator. BE Ready

Growth : If you are about to take over a competitor or an additional activity (external growth, equity investment, M&A, takeover bid, etc.). Financial and industrial audits are in the green, but what about your people? What skills will you have available? Will the key individuals stay in the new system? How will this impact business structure and its value? Bold Executives will carry out a thorough investigation of the organisation, of its apparent strengths and weaknesses. We shall rebuild organisational charts and drive statistical risk assessments (benchmarks). BE Secured

Improve : You have just completed a buy-out and wish to continue the analysis. Bold Executives will assist you in studying risks through a comprehensive review of business organisation and risk survey : Skills audit, meeting key individuals, personality profiles. Strengths and risks mapping. Guidelines / business organisation – staff training – coaching – recruitment. BE Sharp

Business cases